05 06 2019

Contact with Aquasky in Australia Ozwater exhibition

Ozwater is Australia's international water conference and trade exhibition.

The trade show will be held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). It will start from May 7th to 9th.

If you want to have a meeting with us.  Please use the email to contact us.

01 22 2019

How to know your reverse osmosis tank is not functioning?

A reverse osmosis system is a very common water filtration equipment. The idea is to use water pressure creating by the pump pushing through the RO membrane. An only water molecules can pass through the membrane, and leave the Pathogen or Source of pollution on the other side. The process is very slow. The common system needs an hour to produce 10 Liter of water. 


12 25 2018

Benefits of Potable Water Pressure Tank Filling with Nitrogen Pre-Charge

Benefits of Potable Water Pressure Tank Filling with Nitrogen Pre-Charge

Aquasky's pressure tanks are filled with 100% Nitrogen, and we are the only tank manufacturer is doing it now. 
Air is 78 percent nitrogen, just under 21 percent oxygen, and the rest is water vapor, CO2, and small concentrations of noble gases such as neon and argon. 

12 14 2018

Aquasky new product- APT-450 launched

Aquasky Pumplus APT-450 is the 450 liters(120Gal) pump tank. All PumPlus tanks are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2008 registered facilities. NSF listed as the highest standard for pressure tank. IAPMO and CE certified for the safest pressure vessel in the market. 
This new product has launched on the market.

08 14 2018

What Is A Pressure Tank? Aquasky Pumplus Pressure Tank

What Is A Pressure Tank?

A pressure tank (or pressure vessel) is a metal container that can vary in size from 1 L to 3000L. Inside the tank, there is a rubber diaphragm that separates the water room and air room.

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