05 22 2021

How do you check your pressure tank's air pressure? |Aquasky

How do you check your pressure tank's air pressure? |Aquasky

The ideal pressure for your pressure tank depends on the pressure switch setting. Aquasky has evolved into a world leader diaphragm pressure tank manufacturer serving the global water treatment market. Aquasky Enterprise Corp. provides end-to-end pressure tank manufacturing solutions, proved the best quality pressure tank to support international distributors serving in the residential water cleaning, water heater, air conditioning, and solar water heater as well as the residential and commercial pumping system.

05 16 2021

Shipping Trends NEWS|Aquasky

Shipping Trends NEWS|Aquasky

The outbreak of the new type of coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) that began in 2020 has had the biggest impact on the world in decades, and the international shipping industry, which carries nearly 90% of the world's trade, has also been unprecedentedly affected.

05 04 2021

Why do we need a pressure tank? |Aquasky

Why do we need a pressure tank?

A pressure tank installed into the water system is effective to reduce pump cycling which extends pump life, battery life and giving you a smoother quieter operation, it also gives a more consistent flow rate and provides dampening protection from water hammers generated by household appliances.

04 21 2021

Covid-19 NEWS | Aquasky

The operation of AQUASKY company and the professional production terminal in Taiwan is currently in normal operation. If you want to know more about the product, please search AQUASKY online or directly enter to find the company's official website. The website also provides a catalog in multiple languages for download. If you need further inquiries, you can also leave contact information in CONTACT, and someone will contact you.

04 13 2021

The water storage zoom secret of the Diaphragm Pressure Tanks|Aquasky

The water storage zoom secret of the Diaphragm Pressure Tanks

The water storage zone of the Aquasky type diaphragm pressure tank is built by three components. The first is the stainless steel connector. This is the connector to attach to the piping system. The second part is the rubber diaphragm as a moving part in the pressure tank. The third part is the propylene liner to separate the water contact with the steel tank shell. A PP line is built as the sample shape as the tank shell which can be a waterproof shell on the tank. Because the PP liner attaches to the steel tank shell, the steel tank shell never gets rusty. The PP line also supports by the tank shell by the steel strength, so it can hold the design water pressure. The secret of the water storage zoom is the PP liner.

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