02 16 2022

The unresolved port congestion in the U.S.A. |Aquasky

In early September 2021,  Morten Engelstoft, CEO of APM Terminals, a port and terminal operator under Maersk, pointed out that due to the previous relief package promoted by the United States, the demand for goods has risen, which has further evolved into a vicious cycle of commodity shortages. In July 2021, compared with the same period last year, imports increased by 20%. This also means that there will be a large number of commodities entering, causing extremely tight port capacity, warehouses, and manpower, making the situation in port congestion worse.

02 08 2022

About Panama Canal infrastructure upgrade |Aquasky

The Panama Canal, which is also one of the important waterways, has also been threatened by climate change in recent years. The Panamanian authorities announced in July that they would invest US$2 billion in the infrastructure project for a comprehensive upgrade of the canal.

01 29 2022

Happy Chinese New Year |Aquasky

Happy Chinese New Year |Aquasky

The year of Tiger. We wish you have a wonderful life. Wishing you the fullness of the vigor and vitality of the tiger.

01 25 2022

Hydraulic head of the pump and the relative relationship between water pressure and water volume|Aquasky

Before purchasing a pump, you must understand the three parameters first. The three important values are hydraulic head (H), horsepower (HP), and water volume (Q). Of course, other considerations may include Choosing according to your own usage conditions. Therefore, you can install the pump correctly. resistance loss, liquid vortex loss, and water level drop.

01 05 2022

Is it better to have a larger pressure tank? |Aquasky

it is important to have the correct sized pressure tank for your system. Choosing the proper tank for your pumping system will greatly reduce the risk of premature pump failure. If you fail to invest in the correct size pressure tank, you can short cycle your pump. Short cycling is a term used to describe when your pump is turning on and off too frequently. It increases energy use and can cause premature failure of your pump as it builds up excessive heat. When it comes to pressure tanks, bigger is almost always better.

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