10 21 2021

Is a variable frequency system water pump better than a pressure tank operation? |Aquasky

Is a variable frequency system water pump better than a pressure tank operation? VFD can control the water pump motor and the water speed base on the water usage. With the ability to control the speed of the pump, the water pressure can be increased and decreased in the same flow system and the same pump circle.

10 07 2021

Can the air pre-charge pressure of the tank be modified |Aquasky

Pre-charge pressure refers to the amount of gas (air is used in tanks) in bar/psi that is pumped into a tank prior to installation – usually at the factory. The pre-charge is the “spring” that helps to create water pressure.

10 01 2021

Aquasky Pressure Tank 80L Design Change Notice | Aquasky

Aquasky Pressure Tank announces 80L New Design change. The 80L tank has a new version and the dimension comparison table as shows. The 80L design changes from a 3 shell design to 2 shell design and increases the diameter.

09 24 2021

The difference between pressure controller and float | Aquasky

In modern society, the invention and use of various sensors (detectors) have greatly changed our world. In recent years, the construction industry has developed greatly. With the large-scale construction of high-rise buildings, automatic liquid level sensors have also been used. Used extensively.

09 18 2021

Simple vaccine principle, why does the vaccine need two doses to have complete protection | Aquasky

The Covid-19 vaccine that can be seen today requires two doses of vaccine except for the American Johnson & Johnson vaccine. According to the latest research in the United Kingdom, a single dose of Pfizer BNT or AstraZeneca AZ vaccine can reduce the incidence of severe illness to more than 80%. This study is based on the data of the first batch of vaccinated people over 80 years of age. Therefore, people are beginning to pay attention to whether to administer one dose of vaccine or to complete two doses of vaccinations.

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