Aquasky Enterprise Corp.,
Founded in 1998
Founded in 1998, AQUASKY Enterprise Corp humbly began in a small machine shop in Taichung, Taiwan. Today, Aquasky has evolved into a world leader diaphragm pressure tank manufacturer serving the global water treatment market. Aquasky Enterprise Corp. provides end-to-end pressure tank manufacturing solutions, proved the best quality pressure tank to support international distributors serving in the residential water cleaning, water heater, air conditioning and solar water heater as well as the residential and commercial pumping system.
Our Goal is to provide top quality, dependable pressure tank to our customers at a competitive price time after time. Our end-to end manufacturing solution provides a stable price list, the fastest custom design option and the on time delivery.
We roll up our sleeves at Aquasky and work hard to serve our customers every day. Our dedicated account managers take the time to understand how we can assist you in making your business more successful. As partners in your industry, we work hand-in-hand with you to harvest the savings and process improvements.
High Quality
The high volume of our production uses automated production machinery and testing equipment. Every staff is trained and fully experienced. The majority of our production is done in-house which limited the quality problem from the other manufacturers. Every tank is a quantity 100% pressure safety test to insure the best product going out the door.
Competitive Prices
Our high and growing production volume enables us to negotiate better prices for raw materials such as carbon steel, butyl rubber, and stainless steel. Furthermore, the larger volume also allows us to justify the purchase of more advanced, efficient, and cost-effective production machinery. This has enabled us to absorb many of the large material price increases that have been experienced during the past two years.
Customized Service
Aquasky sale member acts and thinks like owners to attain solutions for our customers, anticipating challenges and proactively seeking resolutions. We rely on teamwork and diligence to sustain our partnerships. We do the right thing. We listen to our customers, we communicate honestly, and we deliver on our commitments. We want to make working with Aquasky as easy as possible for our customers. We want to be an extension of your company.
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