01 30 2023

Carbon neutral VS. Net-zero |Aquasky

Action to reach net zero is happening on a global scale but requires the collaboration of world governments, as well as private and third sectors. Research has shown that carbon neutrality is good for businesses in the long run.

01 10 2023

Aquasky 2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice |Aquasky

Aquasky 2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice!

In the new year, Aquasky will continue to provide you with high-quality pressure tanks and wonderful service.

01 03 2023

What are Water Head and Water Pressure? |Aquasky

The Head is a height at which a pump can give the fluid. It is measured in feet or meters of the output vessel of the pump. It is fluid-independent, that is, regardless of the fluid's relative density, the pump will lift it to the same height. The greater the pump head the greater the pressure that the pump can generate. These statistics can be measured by placing a water tube on the pump's discharge section, and measuring the maximum height that the pump can supply the water.

12 22 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! |Aquasky

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12 15 2022

New Product- SupremePlus |Aquasky

SupremePlus series offers large-sized pressure vessels (up to 10,000L) providing high drawdown in water. It comes with an interchangeable bladder and a flange with stainless water connection. SupremePlus serves well in many applications such as Surge tanks, long-range irrigation, industrial applications, HVAC expansion purposes, or high-rise and multistory buildings such as shopping malls, schools or business centers.


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