06 24 2018

How to Set a Correct Air Pressure inside Your Pressure Tank|Aquasky PumPlus

How to Set a Correct Air Pressure inside Your Pressure Tank?

Every standard Aquasky PUMPLUS pressure tank has a standard setting pressure of 30 PSI / 2 Bar. The installer has to adjust the base on the system of cut-in pressure. The Air pressure inside the pressure tank has to be 5 % lower than the water pump cut-in pressure. For example, the water pump cut-in pressure is 40 PSI and the pressure tank air pressure has to increase from 30 PSI to 38 PSI. 

06 20 2018

How to select Pressure Tank Size|Aquasky PumPlus

How to select Pressure Tank Size? There are three most important devices inside a water pressure booster system:  water pump, pressure tank and pressure control switch. Installing a pressure tank inside a water pressure booster system can minimize on/off pump cycling and save electricity.

03 14 2018

Aquasky|2018 PUMPLUS Catalog Available for Download NOW.

2018 PUMPLUS Catalog  Available for Download NOW. Aquasky has contuited to provite the best quality tank over the world. The KC certification mark stands for Korea Certification and represents compliance with Korea’s product safety requirements. It is a primary certification needed to sell into Korea.

03 10 2018

Aquasky|MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

Aquasky is avalible for 2018 MCE. Milano. If you need more information, please email us for appointment. 

02 06 2018

Aquasky|Successful AHR 2018

Aquasky had a successful AHR 2018 at Chicago with US partner Duratrac / Elbi America. 


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