01 26 2018

2018 AHR Exhibition

Aquasky's partner Elbi America & Duratrac went to present Aquasky ThermPlus Expansion Tank at AHR 2018. 

01 23 2018

Obtained the KC certificate for the pressure tanks.

Aquasky has continued to provied the best quality tank over the world. 
The KC certification mark stands for Korea Certification and represents compliance with Korea's product safety requirements. It is a primary certification needed to sell into Korea.

12 08 2017

PumPlus series Certified by NSF

We are happy to announce that our Aqusaky PumPlus Pressure Tank have recently Certified with NSF 61. Aquasky is the only Pressure Tank manufacture having certified for the whole product Line. Aquasky care your water quality.

06 28 2017

Nitrosamines FREE Technology

Nitrosamines are chemical compounds of the chemical structure R1N(–R2)–N=O and are used in the manufacture of rubber products. Nitrosamines can cause Cancers. Currently available epidemiological evidence from case-control studies on nitrite and nitrosamine intake supports a positive association with gastric cancer risk.

06 28 2017

WQA Aquatech USA

The WQA Annual Convention and Exposition brings each segment of the water treatment and supply market together in one place. The event provides a forum for people to learn about new ideas and innovative technology, develop relationships and their business, and learn about equipment and devices. 


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