04 06 2022

What is Water Thermal Expansion? |Aquasky

All type of liquid has an expanding volume due to the heat including water. In a closed-loop, water volume increased due to the heat transfer. The extra volume also increases the water pressure. In our house, in every tank-type water heater, cold water is heated as it enters the water heater tank. This increases the overall water volume and pressure inside the tank, which must be relieved to avoid the potentially negative effects of thermal expansion.

03 29 2022

How to Properly Adjust your Pressure Switch? |Aquasky

Pressure switches are designed to automatically sense when the pressure has changed. They are used widely in the Water Well Industry as they are mainly used in systems that have pressurized liquids. Most pressure switches have the capability of making field adjustments, but some do not. You need to know your water pump setting and have the correct pressure range before you select your pressure switch.

03 23 2022

COVAX Vaccine Platform Program |Aquasky

The COVAX program is expected to deliver at least 2 billion doses of vaccine worldwide by the end of 2021. 1.3 billion will be sent to 92 low-income countries participating in the program, bringing the vaccine rate of these countries to 20% of the population. Its vaccination can be roughly divided into three stages. In the first stage, medical staff and social care workers who need to take care of patients give priority to the vaccination rate of 3%. In the second stage, age over 65 and those whose disease has high risk are in danger of COVID-19 need to achieve a 20% vaccination rate. In the third stage, other priority groups will be gradually opened to further increase the vaccination rate.

03 11 2022

What are the Types of Pressure Vessel Tanks? |Aquasky

There are various types of such vessels across industries depending on their design. But one factor that cuts through all the vessels of this nature is the purpose for real operation.

03 03 2022

What are Pressure Tank and Expansion Tank? |Aquasky

A pressure tank is a maintained device for water pressure. There is an air pre-charge inside like car tires. The air pressure inside the pressure tank is separated by a rubber diaphragm with the water pressure to maintain the water pressure in the system. The expansion Tank is usually much smaller compared with the water supply pressure tank. The expansion tank is used to absorb the water or thermal liquid expansion.


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