Solar-Plus 8 (sp-8)|Hot temperature 130 degree C, Thermal Liquid Expansion, 70 Gal Water Heater|Aquasky

1.EPDM membrane-type pressure tank. Solar Hot Water system. Solar evacuated tube, Hot temperature 130 degrees C, Thermal Liquid Expansion, 70 Gal Water Heater.
2.Rubber membrane produced according to the DIN 4807 regulation
3.The Stainless steel water connector is a perfect connection for water pipe with lead-free and chemical-free. 
4.100% made in Taiwan
5.Certification: CE, ISO9001
6.High level of customization
7.Epoxy powder exterior painting to guarantee a high level of protection against oxidation and a fine aesthetic final quality
8.The industries ONLY fill 100% Nitrogen per-charge Solar Thermal tank. To avoid temperature change creates the pre-charge change. 
9.100% pressure tested. 

About SOLAR-PLUS Pressure Tank
Like every closed system in which a liquid's temperature changes, a solar installation also needs an expansion vessel. The Solar-plus expansion vessel plays an important role in this regard when it comes to maintaining pressure. The pressure must not rise too high when the circulation in the collector stops, but also not too low when the outside temperature is below the freezing point. The medium in a solar installation is mostly a mixture of water and glycol, having a high coefficient of expansion. Solar-Plus Expansion Tank can anticipate such temperature fluctuations and maintains the system pressure in a sitting range.

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