Model Number


Total Tank Volume

Liter 8
Gal 2.0

Accept Volume

Liter 3.5
Gal 0.9


cm 20.3
inch 8.0

Height( Base Including)

cm 29.0
inch 11.4

Box Length

cm 21.5
inch 8.5

Box Width

cm 21.5
inch 8.5

Box Height

cm 31.5
inch 12.40


Kg 1.9
Lbs 4.19


Kg 2.3
Lbs 5.07

Shipping Volume

CUF 0.52

Thermal-Plus TP-8|Thermal Expansion Tank, Water Heating Tank|Aquasky

Thermal expansion occurs as domestic water is heated. Thermal-Plus expansion tanks are designed to safely maintain water pressure levels in water heating systems to avoid the relief valve discharge and other potentially hazardous conditions. Thermal expansion tanks work in conjunction with a backflow preventer or check valve. AQUASKY expansion tanks are built with a stainless steel system connection with patented Leak safe technology. Inside each tank is a heavy-duty, butyl rubber diaphragm with a 400% elongation physical property. A polypropylene liner separates the water from the pre-charged air chamber. The tank controls excessive pressure generated inside the water heater using a sealed compressible air cushion space to store and hold the addition expansion water volume. Aqausky Thermal-Plus products are excellent thermal expansion tank and water volume expansion tank.