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05 04 2021
Why do we need a pressure tank? |Aquasky

Why do we need a pressure tank? |Aquasky

The pressure tank is one of the main devices of a good system, along with the pump, pressure switch, and the well itself. It stores water from the well and supplies it to your home uses at an appropriate pressure.

The pressure tank contains two things mainly: water and compressed air. When a valve is opened, the compressed air exerts pressure on the water, which is pushed throughout the plumbing in the house until the pressure drops to a preset low on your pressure switch.

This occurs in the following way: 

Water from the well enters to tank through the action of the pump. As the water level rises, the air at the top of the tank is increasingly compressed. Once maximum pressure is reached (typically 50 to 60 psi), the pump shuts off. When you turn on the water in your home, the compressed air forces water out of the tank. 

Once the water level drops to a certain level and the air pressure in the tank hits a pre-set minimum (typically 30 to 40 psi), the pump turns back on and refills the tank.

In addition to regulating water pressure, due to water storage in advance, the pump does not have to turn on until the stored water has first been used at all, this means the pressure tank extends the time that the pump is on and off in each cycle

A pressure tank installed into the water system is effective to reduce pump cycling which extends pump life, battery life and giving you a smoother quieter operation, it also gives a more consistent flow rate and provides dampening protection from water hammers generated by household appliances.

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