11 26 2019
Aqausky attending NGWA 2019 (Groundwater Week)

NGWA 2019 (Groundwater Week)

NGWA is a community of groundwater professionals working together to improve groundwater knowledge and the success of the members through education and outreach. 
This year, the event is going to collocate with the Irrigation Association’s annual show. That is, you will have approaches to more activities, opportunities and  exhibitors.
The show will held at Las Vegas. It will last two days from December 3rd to 5th.
If you want to have a meeting in the show. Please use the email to contact us.


About Aquasky products

The high volume of our production use the automated production machinery and testing equipment. Every staff is trained and fully experienced. The majority of our production is done in-house which limited the quality problem from the other manufacture. Every tank is quantity 100% pressure safety test to insure the best product going out the door.

Our high and growing production volume enables us to negotiate better prices for raw materials such as carbon steel, butyl rubber and stainless steel. Furthermore, the larger volume also allows us to justify the purchase of more advanced, efficient and cost effective production machinery. This has enabled us to absorb many of the large material price increases that have been experienced during the past two years.

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