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01 22 2019
How to know your reverse osmosis tank is not functioning?

A reverse osmosis system is a very common water filtration equipment. The idea is to use water pressure creating by the pump pushing through the RO membrane. An only water molecules can pass through the membrane, and leave the Pathogen or Source of pollution on the other side. The process is very slow. The common system needs an hour to produce 10 Liter of water. 

Every RO system needs a good size of the storage tank to storage a good volume of water when the system is not occupied for usage. When we pour out a glass of water for tea or coffee, the water from the storage tank provides a volume of water for usage. 

When a RO tank is no functioning, there is water sitting inside the tank and not able to flow out. The reason may cost by losing air at the airside or the rubber diaphragm is broken. 

There are signs of a not functioning RO tank in the system. 

1.The water pump starts when the faucet is turned on and shuts off immediately when the faucet is turned off every time. 
2.The water is only tiny dripping from the faucet when the faucet is turned on. 

When you see your water source has significantly decreased, have a professional check for your tank. 

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