08 14 2018
What Is A Pressure Tank? Aquasky Pumplus Pressure Tank

What Is A Pressure Tank?

A pressure tank (or pressure vessel) is a metal container that can vary in size from 1 L to 3000L. Inside the tank, there is a rubber diaphragm that separates the water room and air room.
The air room has an air valve attached to it and compressed air is pumped into it (Aquasky is filled with Nitrogen). The water room has a type 304 stainless steel threaded outlet attached to it and this is connected to the pipework for a pressure pump. The rubber diaphragm is the only moving part inside the pressure tank to separate water and air.  

Pressure tanks are made out of steel. Top-quality pressure tanks generally last more than 5 years but they can be damaged by poor water quality and be rusted out in the weather, especially near the coast. A pressure tank is a very important component inside a pressure pump system.  



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