05 05 2022
Is a bigger water pressure tank better? |Aquasky

Is a bigger water pressure tank better?

A larger pressure tank can store more water volume to reduce the pump's on-off circle. 

For example, If you need to use 4L of water per faucet opening, and your pump supplies 2L per second with the pipe flow rate of 2L per second. 

The pressure switch has a cut-in pressure at 2 bar and cut-off pressure at 4 bar. The acceptable factory for the pressure tank is 0.4.

A 60L tank in the system contains 24L of water in each circle. The faucet can open 6 times until the pump start and fill up the water into the tank. 

A 100L tank in the system contains 40L of water. The faucet can open 10 times until the pump start and fill up the water into the tank. 

With a 4000L period, 

In the system with 60L, the pump starts 166 times.
In the system with 100L, the pump starts 100 times.

The system using a 100L tank can save 66-time circles than the system using a 60L tank. 

The only downside to a larger tank is simply that it costs more and takes up more space. 

To have the best efficacy of your system, you can use the Aquasky selection chart to find out the proper size tank for your system.


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