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Energy Saving / Motor Protection

PumPlus pressure tank is an energy saving device and no maintenance
is needed.

PumPlus Pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurized water
system that provides water pressure at a set level. The tank stores
supplemental water between diaphragm and liner, and the pressurized
air chamber is able to create a supply circle to supply and storage




High Rise Building / High Pressure

Mega-Plus Pressure tank is an absolutely safe water storage device
for the high pressure water system.

Mega-Plus Pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurized water
system that provides water pressure at a set high level for a maximum
working pressure for 16 Bar. Mega-Plus provides high water
pressure solution for the high rise building and the long distance
pressure support. Insuring the water system works efficiently and
energy saving with no maintenance.




Drinking Water / Storage

RO-PLUS Pressure tank is certified by the heights industries standard
NSF 58.

RO-PLUS Storage tank is built by the leak-safe technology with FDA
materials and prevent water contacting with the metal tank shell.
The storage water zone provides a clean and fresh water source for
the water system.




Thermal Expansion / Absorb Hydronic

Thermal-Plus thermal expansion tank is a safe key of home owner
water heating system.

THERMAL-PLUS thermal expansion tank to absorb expanded water
in closed, hot water systems. Install a thermal expansion tank can
avoid the relief valve discharge and other potentially hazardous
conditions. The tank controls excessive pressure generated inside
the water heater and provide the safest system of your home.




Hydronic Heating / Thermal Liquid

Hydro-Plus Expansion tank is the best safety choice for your Hydronic
Heating system.

Hydro-Plus Hydronic Expansion tank is designed to absorb the expanded
fluid in closed-loop of residential or commercial hydronic
heating and cooling systems to control pressure build up.




Solar Circle / Solar Power

The Solar-Plus expansion vessel plays an important role in the solar
water heater to maintain the hydronic pressure in a setting pressure

A solar installation needs an expansion vessel. The pressure must
not rise too high when the circulation in the collector stops, but also
not too low when the outside temperature is below the freezing
point. Solar-Plus Expansion Tank can anticipate such temperature
fluctuations and maintain the system pressure in a sitting range.