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Hydro-Plus Hydronic Heating Tanks
Hydro-Plus Hydronic Expansion tanks are designed to absorb theexpanded fluid in closed-loop of residential or commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems to control pressure build up. Hydro-Plus expansion are tanks composed of a tank in sheet steel which incompliance with IAPMO and EN Standard and welded according to ASME & EN procedure by certified welder. The diaphragm is made withhigh temperature resistance EPDM rubber. All models are subject to hydraulic test with a pressure of 1.5 times higher than the design pressure. Hydro-Plus Expansion tank is the best safety choice for your Hydronic Heating system.
Hydro-Plus Product Line


Product Lines

Custom Packaging

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AQUASKY doesn╩╝t only offer custom packaging but also the custom looking of the product. The painting technology we have, allow Aquasky provide colors selection for our customer.


We are confident of the quality and we provide the longest product warranty in the industry.