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05 05 2022

Is a bigger water pressure tank better? |Aquasky

Is a bigger water pressure tank better? |Aquasky

A larger pressure tank can store more water volume to reduce the pump's on-off circle. 

04 28 2022

The situation in the UK after the Covid-19 lockdown|Aquasky

The UK government would fully unblock on July 19, 2021, which meant that all social bans and mandatory wearing of masks would be lifted. Bars and nightclubs would also reopen. It had been a while since the opening. Let’s got more about the current situation of the local epidemic.

04 20 2022

Frequency introduction |Aquasky

The frequency is defined as the number of vibrations per second, and its unit is (times/second). We usually use f to represent. Vibrating once per second is called 1Hz (Hertz). We often hear examples such as 50Hz and 60Hz in our lives.

04 11 2022

Australia's covid-19 lifting lockdowns |Aquasky

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Australia, located in the Asia-Pacific region, achieved good results during the period due to the strict response measures adopted by its government. It successfully controlled the local epidemic. Many people believe that the key to control lies in the early forced closure of the city, and the relevant supporting measures are properly matched. Under the condition that the public can maintain a basic quality of life, everything seems to be under control.

04 06 2022

What is Water Thermal Expansion? |Aquasky

All type of liquid has an expanding volume due to the heat including water. In a closed-loop, water volume increased due to the heat transfer. The extra volume also increases the water pressure. In our house, in every tank-type water heater, cold water is heated as it enters the water heater tank. This increases the overall water volume and pressure inside the tank, which must be relieved to avoid the potentially negative effects of thermal expansion.