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11 07 2022

Droughts and water shortages in 2022 |Aquasky

Drought is a prolonged dry period in the natural climate cycle that can occur anywhere in the world. It is a slow-onset disaster characterized by the lack of precipitation, resulting in a water shortage. Drought can have a serious impact on health, agriculture, economies, energy, and the environment. Climate change is contributing to more droughts and water shortages around the world.

10 25 2022

AQUASKY has passed PED's annual audit |Aquasky

AQUASKY has successfully passed the Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) annual audit.

10 17 2022

AQUASKY has passed KC annual audit |Aquasky

AQUASKY has passed KC annual audit. KC certification or called Korea certification ensures the conformity of products to safety standards. The goal of the KC certification is to prevent and reduce the risks of safety, health, or impact on the environment.

10 12 2022

Taiwan set to ditch quarantine restrictions for arrivals |Aquasky

The border reopened! Taiwan set to ditch quarantine restrictions for arrivals.

Beginning Oct. 13, travelers will no longer have to undergo a three-day quarantine upon arrival; instead, the self-initiated epidemic prevention will last for 7 days.


10 04 2022

2022 European & American heat waves

Climate change causes excessive temperature differences. All AQUASKY tanks are pre-charged with Nitrogen, due to their stability and larger molecular size, which has better resistance to air permeation and less pressure variance from the temperature difference.