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08 23 2019

Aquasky New product packaging released

Aquasky just releases the brand new packing. The new design has a real appearance on the carton box. The outlook also features our N2 filling to compare with others.  Please ask your representative to have more information about the new look.

06 30 2019

About California Proposition 65 (PROP 65) |Aquasky

About California Proposition 65 (PROP 65)

06 12 2019

How can you check if the internal rubber diaphragm of an expansion vessel is broken?

How can you check if the internal rubber diaphragm of an expansion vessel is broken? 

With the water pressure inside the water system, the water comes out from the air valve. Thus, we can see the diaphragm is broken. Please contact the Aquasky service team to assist you. Aquasky offers high-quality pressure tanks and services worldwide. Please contact Aquasky for any needs.

05 06 2019

Contact with Aquasky in Australia Ozwater exhibition

Ozwater is Australia's international water conference and trade exhibition.

The trade show will be held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). It will start from May 7th to 9th.

If you want to have a meeting with us.  Please use the email to contact us.

04 09 2019

WQA Convention & Exposition Pressure tanks in Aquasky

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a non-profit association for the residential commercial, and industrial water treatment industry. WQA has more than 2,500 member companies around the world.