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04 13 2021

The water storage zoom secret of the Diaphragm Pressure Tanks|Aquasky

The water storage zoom secret of the Diaphragm Pressure Tanks

The water storage zone of the Aquasky type diaphragm pressure tank is built by three components. The first is the stainless steel connector. This is the connector to attach to the piping system. The second part is the rubber diaphragm as a moving part in the pressure tank. The third part is the propylene liner to separate the water contact with the steel tank shell. A PP line is built as the sample shape as the tank shell which can be a waterproof shell on the tank. Because the PP liner attaches to the steel tank shell, the steel tank shell never gets rusty. The PP line also supports by the tank shell by the steel strength, so it can hold the design water pressure. The secret of the water storage zoom is the PP liner.

04 07 2021

Why Aquasky only fills Pure Nitrogen in the Pressure tank?|Pressure tank |Aquasky

Why Aquasky only fills Pure Nitrogen in the Pressure tank?

The key to the pressure tank that can storage and delivery the water to the system is the rubber diaphragm and the pressure against the rubber diaphragm. The Nitrogen can have the pre-charge pressure lose 40% less than the regular air, and the nitrogen can keep in a very stable pressure in cold and hot temperatures. The Stable pressure inside the pressure tank is also the key to the efficacy of the pump circle. The pressure tank filled with nitrogen can save 45% more water circle than the pressure filled with compressed air.

12 09 2020

Aquasky new online selection tool is ready!!

Aquasky new online selection tool is ready!!  It hasn’t been a difficulty anymore!!  The new tool is an effective way to make it easier and select the right model by clicking on demanded pressure information.  Visit the page of our selection tool and try to get the correct model successfully.

12 03 2020

Getting WaterMark certified |Australia, New Zealand|Aquasky

Aquasky has proved our products are of great quality by complying with the WaterMark certification. The WaterMark Standard is the highest standard for water equipment for Australia and New Zealand.

09 23 2020

AQUASKY has passed PED's annual audit

AQUASKY has successfully passed the Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) annual audit.