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11 30 2021
What is a Diaphragm Pressure Tank? |Aquasky

What is a Diaphragm Pressure Tank? |Aquasky

The volume of the water in a pipe system will vary depending upon its temperature. An expansion tank is used to ensure the absorption of excessive volumes of water. This normally consists of a closed tank, where a flexible membrane absorbs the excess pressure.


The gas-filled side of the tank contains nitrogen. Its preset pressure must correspond to at least the static pressure plus 0.5 bar. Breaks or explosions of pipework due to excessive pressure can occur if a diaphragm tank is not included.


In booster applications, diaphragm tanks can be used on both the discharge and the suction manifold. Connected to the suction manifold, a tank serves to counteract fluctuating inlet pressures.

The pressure tank cans storage a set volume of water inside the system to support the water usage to make the water system more energy effective.