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11 16 2021
Reasons for the Tokyo Olympics not to be put off and follow-up development | Aquasky

Reasons for the Tokyo Olympics not to be put off and follow-up development | Aquasky

The Olympic Games, originally scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020, has not been brought under control due to the continual increase of the COVID-19 epidemic around the world. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Games, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan issued a joint statement after meeting on March 24. It is decided that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics must be postponed to 2021, but not later than the summer of 2021, and the name of the tournament remains unchanged. This decision was subsequently passed by the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee.


In history, the Olympics were canceled due to world wars. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics was a precedent. The postponement of the Olympic Games itself will have a major impact on the host country. In addition to the need to resign the commercial contract, the venues and daily schedule also need to be readjusted. As for the sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics, it means that additional funds may be required. But the economic effects that can be obtained in the future are still unknown. To prepare for the Tokyo Olympics, nearly $11.8 billion has been spent as of March 2020.


As time enters 2021, vaccination plans have been launched around the world, the situation in Japan has been at a high peak. Two months before the Olympics opened, public surveys showed that more than 70% of Japanese nationals believed that this big event should be shut down. Many cities and towns that were originally scheduled to receive athletes also withdrew because of concerns about the epidemic and the possible impact on the medical system. However, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and the Japanese government still stated that it will be held as scheduled. What’s more, WHO also stated that the Tokyo Olympics should be held as usual. Although around mid-May, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga issued a statement stating that the government would not "put the Olympic Games in the first place," he still followed the decision of the International Olympic Committee.


It can be observed from the situation above that the host country does not have the qualification to cancel the Olympics. So who has the right to cancel? According to the contract between the International Olympic Committee and the host city Tokyo, there are indeed cancellation clauses, but these options are only for the IOC. International sports lawyer Miguel Mestre pointed out that the Olympic Games are the "exclusive property" of the International Olympic Committee. As the "owner" of the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee has the right to terminate the contract. Generally speaking, in addition to war or civil unrest, the cancellation of the event can also be the reason if the International Olympic Committee believes that the safety of Olympic participants is seriously threatened or in danger for any reason. The Olympic Charter also stipulates that the IOC should ensure the "health of athletes" and promote "safe competition." Despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the International Olympic Committee still stated that it should be held as scheduled. If the Japanese government unilaterally wants to cancel, all risks and losses must be absorbed by itself. The cancellation of the Olympics is more than just a financial loss for Japan. The last time Japan hosted the Olympics was in 1964. At that time, the Olympic Games were regarded as an important symbol of Japan's recovery and reconstruction after World War II. The Tokyo Olympics this time also symbolizes the great significance of Japan's "rebirth" from the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Then entering July, the confirmed cases in various parts of Japan showed that the situation has become worse since late June. Countries around the world have begun to pay attention to how this event will implement relevant measures for epidemic prevention. Tokyo continues to implement a state of emergency. The business hours of bars and restaurants are restricted, and the local government also urges people to reduce the times of going out and wearing masks. This Olympics is not open to spectators, even to local people. All contestants and support personnel must be tested for the virus every day and must not leave the stadium area such as the contestant village. The staff also be prohibited from high-fiving contestants or asking for autographs. When awarding, the winners will hang up the medals by themselves. To avoid the gathering of people watching the Olympic flame, the relay event originally scheduled on the public in Tokyo was also canceled. The Tokyo City Government stated that it will only hold the Olympic cauldron lighting ceremony on July 7.


The Tokyo Olympics opened on July 23 and ended on August 8. Different projects were held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Sapporo, and Kashima. The Paralympic Games are also scheduled to be held from August 24 to September 5. A total of 206 delegations participated this year. The 206 National Olympic Committees include 193 UN member states, 1 UN observer (Palestine), 2 non-UN member states or regions (Kosovo and Taiwan), plus 4 US overseas territories and 3 British overseas territories Territories, 1 Special Administrative Region of China, 1 Autonomous State of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and 1 Autonomous State that maintains a free association with New Zealand. Except for North Korea's failure to participate due to fears of the epidemic, the remaining 205 countries or regions have participated. There is also an Olympic refugee delegation, which was formally established in 2016, symbolizing the hope of refugees all over the world and letting people around the world know more about the refugee crisis. A total of 29 athletes participated as refugee delegations this year, including athletes from 11 countries including Syria, Iran, South Sudan, and Afghanistan.


The first place on the Olympic gold medallist was taken down by the United States, with 39 gold medals and a total of 113 medals won. Mainland China won second place with 38 gold medals, totaling 88 medals. The third place was won by the host Japan with 27 gold medals and 58 medals in total.


This time Dongao also had many topics worth noting. For one, the Victory Bouquet used in the award ceremony has the meaning of rebirth in the 311 disaster area. The flowers used are from the three prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate, which were hardest hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Second, the raw materials for the medals are refined again using waste electrical appliances, and the trays on which the medals are placed are also made of recyclable materials. Third, a new generation of young players will come out in large numbers. Skateboarding is one of the newly added items. The average age of the players in the women's competition is only 14 years and 191 days. The championship was won by the 13-year-old Japanese player Siyazaki. Quan Hongchan, a 14-year-old from mainland China, won gold in the women's 10-meter platform. Third, in the men's high jump final, Mutaz Essa Barshim (Mutaz Essa Barshim) of Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi (Gianmarco Tamberi) of Italy won the gold medal together. This is since 1912. For the first time, there is a new record of double championships. Fifth, American gymnastics queen Simone Biles withdrew from multiple events due to a poor mental state, and later won a bronze medal in the women's balance beam competition. This also caused media from all over the world to pay attention to the issue of the physical and mental health of the players.


The Tokyo Olympics ended successfully and successfully. Players from all over the world gathered together. Everyone tried their best to win, with laughter and tears. These players who have won glory for the country should be given warm applause and encouragement instead of accusations and abuse.


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