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05 22 2021
How do you check your pressure tank's air pressure? |Aquasky

How do you check your pressure tank's air pressure? |Aquasky

1.Cut the power to your Pump system. Make sure that you shut off your submersible pump to prevent it from starting. Ensure any other electrical connections to the pressure tank or pump are also turned off. 

2.Drain the water out from the pressure tank. It's very important to empty the tank before checking the tank's pressure. If you try to read the pressure of a tank full of water, you will only read the pressure of the water inside the tank, not the pressure. 
3.Locate a pressure gauge. To test the tank's internal pressure, you will need a pressure gauge. Pressure gauges read the pressure of the tank by using a piston to propel a calibrated spring when exposed to pressurized air. 

4.Use the gauge to check the tank's pressure. All pressure tanks have an air valve that looks like the car tires' air valve. On standard metal well tanks, the air valve will be located at the top of the tank. On composite tanks, the valve can be found toward the base of the tank. Unscrew the cap covering the valve, and press the tire gauge down on the valve. The air will trigger the piston inside the gauge and measure the air pressure within the tank. 

5.Adjust the pressure with an air compressor if necessary. The ideal pressure for your pressure tank depends on the pressure switch setting. As stated before, your tank's pressure should be 0.2 bars below the pressure switch's low cut-in point. On a 2 bars/4 brass witch, this would be 1.8 bars. If your pressure is below this, carefully use an air compressor to amplify the pressure until it has reached the appropriate pressure setting.


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