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04 21 2021
Covid-19 NEWS | Aquasky

Covid-19 NEWS

At the end of 2019, unexplained pneumonia broke out in Wuhan, China. In 2020 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined Covid-19 as a global health emergency. So far, the novel coronavirus is still spreading around the world, with more than 100 million confirmed cases and more than two million deaths.

Although there are three vaccines such as Oxford AZ, Pfizer BNT, and Modena that have been available on the market, the virus is mutating rapidly, which makes the epidemic be more unpredictable. Fortunately, according to the data, countries that have been starting vaccination, especially Israel, for example, after a huge number of vaccinations, the number of confirmed cases and severe patients, and the mortality rate have all dropped sharply. This information has turned out to be good news for people around the world. Countries are looking forward to restarting economy and trade after the vaccine is administered and returning to the normal life that used to be.


However, according to the data, it seems that the proportion of vaccinations in a country may not obviously be reflected in the increase or decrease in the number of confirmed diagnoses. Experts have also pointed out that if the world wants to achieve community immunity, the number of vaccinations must be at least 70% or more than80%. The actions of each country made and the decisions made by different international organizations affect not only people's lives but also the political and economic development of different countries. Furthermore, it may also have a great influence on the evolution of the global situation.


In addition, to have a great impact on human health, the epidemic of novel coronavirus has also caused severe effects on the global economy. According to the Global Economic Outlook report released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in 2020, global GDP will drop by 4.2%. It seems that the pace of global economic recovery will be related to the speed of vaccination.


Affected by the epidemic, many industries have been severely impacted. People began to reduce the times of going out for shopping, which also brought the physical sales channel into the "sales winter". Only the E-business logistics industry has grown against the trend under this hard time. Taking the two leading e-commerce companies as examples, Amazon and Alibaba's revenue in the second quarter of 2020 was nearly40% higher than the same period compared to last year. In order to deal with the closure of cities and changes in consumption ways caused by the novel coronavirus, many companies have also begun to develop and transform into e-business modules. The establishment of the brand identity through e-business production official website can also increase popularity, establish consumer trust, and show the advantages of the product to potential customers.


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