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04 13 2021
The water storage zoom secret of the Diaphragm Pressure Tanks|Aquasky

The water storage zoom secret of the Diaphragm Pressure Tanks

For homeowners without city-regulated water services, a well is necessary in order to get running water in the house. A good pump, either a submersible or a jet well pump, is used to deliver the water from the well to the plumbing fixtures inside your home. A good pump is connected to a good pressure tank, which acts as a reservoir to store the water that will be distributed throughout a home. As you might have guessed from the name, the good tank is pressurized with compressed air. This not only plays a role in the overall water pressure you get in your home but also helps signal the pump when the water level gets too low and it’s time to refill. There is a variable type of pressure tank, and the best type for the current well system is the diaphragm type pressure tank.

Diaphragm pressure tanks consist of two separate chambers: one for compressed air and another for water. A rubber diaphragm is permanently attached to the sides of the tank to separate water from the air. It rises and falls with the water level. As water is pumped into the tank, the diaphragm is pushed up to the compressed air chamber which then triggers a sensor to shut off the pump. While efficient, these tanks can have problems with the diaphragm coming dislodged from the sides of the tank, causing water to flow into the compressed air chamber and preventing any pressure from the building. If this happens, you will experience a drastic decrease in water pressure and your tank will need to be replaced. Some homeowners have also noted issues with the diaphragm folding over itself and causing false readings by the pump, burning out the pump, and ruining the tank.

The water storage zone of the Aquasky type diaphragm pressure tank is built by three components. The first is the stainless steel connector. This is the connector to attach to the piping system. The second part is the rubber diaphragm as a moving part in the pressure tank. The third part is the propylene liner to separate the water contact with the steel tank shell. A PP line is built as the sample shape as the tank shell which can be a waterproof shell on the tank. Because the PP liner attaches to the steel tank shell, the steel tank shell never gets rusty. The PP line also supports by the tank shell by the steel strength, so it can hold the design water pressure. The secret of the water storage zoom is the PP liner.



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