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09 09 2020
Is a pressure tank necessary? Aquasky Pressure Tank

Is a pressure tank necessary? Aquuasky Pressure Tank

The pressure tank is one of the main components of a well system, along with the pump, pressure switch and the well itself. It stores water from the well and supplies it to your home at an appropriate pressure.
Your pump works fine without a pressure tank, but the life of the water is much less than the pump with the pressure tank. The system without a pressure tank is also easy to face the pressure of pressure shock. 
In addition to regulating water pressure, a pressure tank gives you instant access to well water, without the need to manually turn on the pump. Moreover, it allows you to draw well water without the pump cycling on and off each time. This reduces stress on the pump and prolongs its lifespan.

Install a proper size pressure tank can save a lot of electricity by reducing the pump circle and increase the pump service life.