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05 06 2020
How long does a good pressure tank last? |Aquasky

How long does a good pressure tank last?

Aquasky produces diaphragm-type pressure tanks, the common pressure tank working in a system is to reduces the pump cycling to save energy, protects against water hammers, and maintains water pressure during the service.  

To determine how long does your pressure tank will last, 50% is the quality of the pressure tank itself and the other 50% is the properly sized and setting of the whole system. The pressure tanks will last 5 years, while high-quality pressure tanks could last up to 8 years. If the water is clean and the tank is properly sized it should be lasting an average of 10 years. 

The longevity of the pressure tank also depends on the quality of the water being pumped up from the well. If you regularly have sand or rocks in your water, the sediment will rub on the diaphragm in the pressure tank and create a hole.
Cycling is a third variable that could wear down your tank. The pressure tank is designed to limit the cycling of the pump with a layer of air above the water in the tank. When someone in the house turns on a faucet taking a shower, the amount of air in the tank expands, which reduces air pressure. When the pressure approaches the cycle-on, the pump kicks on to refill the tank with water and restore water pressure. If there is frequent or rapid cycling, the diaphragm in the pressure tank could be damaged.