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08 07 2018
How does A Pressure Tank work inside a Pump System?

How does A Pressure Tank work inside a Pump System?
When the tap shuts, then the water stops flowing and the pressure in the system builds. When the pressure reaches the “off” setting of the switch or controller, then this turns the pump off and the pipes remain pressurized. As water is not very compressible and pipes only store a small amount of water, when you open the tap again, the pressure drops very quickly and only a small amount of water comes out. When the pressure drops to the “on” setting of the switch, then the pump turns on again and starts pumping. 

Rapid on-off cycling is not good for electric motors. It uses a lot of electricity and causes large fluctuations in the pressure which can be annoying. Cycling is even more important when the pump is a submersible bore pump as these are recommended to only start 100 times in a 24-hour period. If it is not controlled, permanent damage can be done to the motor. Storagniing a good amount of water for short usage in a pressure tank is the key to increase the water pump’s lifespan and save electricity. 

Pressure tanks can be installed anywhere on the delivery of pressurized side of a system. All pressure pump systems need a check valve installed in the pipework after the pump on the outlet. The check valve stops water from flowing backward and the pressure dropping when the pumps turn off. This allows a pressure pump to build up pressure and let the automatic switch turn it off.
A pressure tank can be installed anywhere after this check valve. This means that when all the taps in the system are shut, then the pressure in the system builds. When the water pressure in the system builds to beyond the air pressure sores in the tank, then the air starts to compress and the water fills up the water room of the tank. Once the water room of the tank has compressed the air as much as it can, then the pressure builds a little bit more and then switches off.

Pressure tanks are a simple and effective piece of gear that will help protect your pump and provide you with good constant pressure and flow of water for whatever application you need.