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07 25 2018
Aquasky's Pressure Tank is certified by NSF International.

Aquasky's Pressure Tank is certified by NSF International. 

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International) is the world leader of public health standards certification programs helps protect world's food, water consumer products and environments.

Aquasky has been member with NSF since 1998. Every pressure tank we build are qualified by NSF drinking water standard and structure safety (NSF 58 and NSF 61). With NSF standard, Aquasky pressure is lead free, Nitrosamine free and Plasticizer free. About safety, Aquasky pressure tank is built to contain 3 times maximum working pressure to insure the user safety. 

NSF has a demanding rule of audition process. NSF auditor shows up to our door every year without any notice, so the audition cannot be prepared. NSF auditor checks every detail including the coming material, and the production, the supplier chain and the packaging. In the end of audition, the auditor randomly selects samples from our inventory sending to NSF lab to test the water quality and the pressure safety. Every detail must match with listing documents to insure every Aquasky tank is same as the testing sample. 

Aquasky is proud to having NSF in our certification list.