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06 20 2018
How to select Pressure Tank Size|Aquasky PumPlus

How to select Pressure Tank Size?
There are three most important devices inside a water pressure booster system:  water pump, pressure tank and pressure control switch. Installing a pressure tank inside a water pressure booster system can minimize on/off pump cycling and save electricity.

Water pump is going to be damaged by short cycling. With a pressure tank put inside the water pressure booster system , the water pump would be switched on and off for any water usage such as handwashing, pouring a glass of water or flushing toilet. The water pump motor is going to be burn out really quick. 

A pressure tank inside the water pressure booster system is able to save huge amounts of water for short-term water usage until the storage water runs out and water pressure reach the preset level. Then the water pump starts to fill up the tank and increase the water pressure inside the system.

For the most common selection chart, details of water pump and energy grade of motor are provided for users. Aquasky understands this information is hard to get in some situation, so we create a method to select correct pressure tank size by calculating the numbers of water faucets put in the system. Each water faucet flows out 10 litres of water each time, so customer just needs to know the number of water faucet inside the water system, and they can select a correct size pressure tank. 

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