11 14 2023
Aquasky Attains ISO 14064-1:2018 Verification Report Opinion for Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Essential Move Towards Sustainable Operation |Aquasky

Aquasky Attains ISO 14064-1:2018 Verification Report Opinion for Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Essential Move Towards Sustainable Operation |Aquasky


Stepping Up for a Greener Future

With growing concerns about climate change worldwide, Aquasky Enterprise Corp decided to take action by tracking our greenhouse gas emissions for 2022, according to the ISO 14064 standard. Our aim is to manage these emissions effectively and share accurate information about these emissions.


Verification Process and Certification

The process we followed includes collecting data on our emissions, preparing audit reports, and then having these reports checked by an independent third-party to confirm its accuracy, completeness, and authenticity. Today, we are pleased to share our 2022 greenhouse gas emissions report, which has been accredited by a prestigious certification organization called AFNOR Asia. This verification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining transparency and ensuring accuracy in tracking and reporting our emissions.


What is ISO 14064?

ISO 14064 is a three-part international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), aimed at streamlining the management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across various organizations. This standard helps organizations quantify and report their greenhouse gas emissions. Part 1 guides the development of a GHG inventory that can be compared with the inventories of other organizations, regardless of sector or national origin. Part 3 establishes a process for verifying GHG inventory reports. ISO 14064 serves as an important reference for conducting a GHG inventory for an organization.


Benefits of Accredited Verification

Understanding accurate carbon emissions data is crucial for any company aiming to manage its carbon footprint effectively. The annual third-party verification of our GHG inventory ensures that our information is accurate, giving us more confidence in our reporting. This is vital for managing risks related to climate change, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and complying with legal requirements. Accurate GHG reporting is also becoming increasingly pivotal within supply chains and is now required by several retailers. By showcasing our GHG verification report, we enhance our brand reputation and competitive edge, building trust with our stakeholders and positioning ourselves as a priority supplier.


This achievement demonstrates Aquasky's ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible practices and a move towards a more sustainable way of operating.


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