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04 06 2023
What is the difference between steel and stainless steel? |Aquasky

What is the difference between steel and stainless steel? |Aquasky


Steel and Stainless steel both are metals and common materials used in the world. The main difference lies in the components that are added to the steel to make it useful.

Steel is a combination of iron and carbon. Usually, about 1.5% carbon is used with iron to make a strong and malleable metal that we call steel. Used in making heavy equipment and in the construction industry.


Stainless steel is a combination of iron and chromium. Chromium forms about 10% to 30% of stainless steel. Stainless steel is very popular because of its anti-corrosiveness. It doesn't stain or corrode easily, making it very suitable for use in environments where there is moisture. The chromium present in the stainless steel reacts with oxygen to form a chromium oxide film on the metal’s surface which acts as a protective layer against rusting or corrosiveness.

Stainless steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio even at high temperatures. Adding alloys to stainless steel helps it resist heat and scaling. Stainless steel is easy to clean because the surface is non-porous. It is well suited for medical and food-grade applications because it prevents the absorption of bacteria and germs.


Differences between Steel and Stainless steel

1. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and steel are prone to stains and rusting. Stainless steel does not rust or corrode easily.

2. Strength of steel and stainless steel: Steel is slightly stronger than stainless steel as it has lower carbon content. Also, it is weaker than steel in terms of hardness.

3. Appearance: Carbon steel is dull, with a matte finish, whereas stainless steel is lustrous. The coating of chromium on stainless steel makes it attractive in its natural state without needing to be painted.

4. Stainless steel has lower thermal conductivity as compared to steel.

5. Carbon steel is stiff and strong. They are extensively used in motors and electrical appliances due to their magnetic properties and welding can be done easily in carbon steel as compared to stainless steel. Stainless steel is used in cutlery and watch raps.

6. Weight: Mild Steel weighs less than that stainless steel. Due to hardening properties, stainless steel weighs more and has lesser occupancy as it is difficult to handle in the manufacturing process.

7. Mild steel is commonly used and its price is low as compared to stainless steel.


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