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06 14 2022
Why You Should Care About Pressure Tank Problems |Aquasky

Why You Should Care About Pressure Tank Problems |Aquasky

Pressure tanks are responsible for taking most of the work off the hands of the submerged water pump in your well. The pressure tank holds a certain amount of water for immediate use in your household. Whenever you turn on the faucets, this is where your water is directly coming from.


The water in the pressure tank minimizes how often the well pump must turn on. The less the well pump must turn on, the less wear and tear it will accumulate. Replacing a well pump can be extremely expensive, so it’s important to make sure the pressure tank remains in good working condition, it keeps the well pump from working too hard.


Most pressure tanks have what is called a “diaphragm” inside. This diaphragm regulates the pressure and water in the tank and pushes the water through the pipes in your water system when you turn on a faucet or appliance. If this diaphragm ruptures, then water rushes into the diaphragm, and pressure decreases in the pressure tank. This will trigger the water pump to turn on and off more frequently and more inconsistently.


This is an issue because water pumps are designed to turn on and off in a consistent manner. The rapid turning on and off will cause too much wear and tear and decrease its lifespan. Once the pump goes, there will be no more water running through your house, and your repair bill will be frighteningly high.