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06 01 2022
Afghan regime transfer and current situation |Aquasky

Afghan regime transfer and current situation |Aquasky

In April 2021, the new US president Joe Biden announced that the 20-year war in Afghanistan would officially end on August 31, 2021. This plan immediately caused an international uproar. Unexpectedly, it took less than half a month from the gradual withdrawal of the US military to the fall of the Afghan government, and the former Taliban government returned. Many Afghans had fled in fear of the harsh policies of the past. What was the current situation in Afghanistan?


Taliban translates from Pashto to represent students. The group originated in northern Pakistan in the early 1990s. The organization adheres to strict Islamic teachings. For the Afghans in the early days, the arrival of the Taliban did end the corruption of power and curb many illegal activities, and the socio-economic situation seemed to be improved as a result. In contrast, the Taliban had been accused of various human rights and cultural violations due to the strict Islamic teachings.


After the famous September 11 attacks, the US-led military alliance launched a counterattack against Afghanistan. The Taliban regime fell in December of the same year. After a series of direct negotiations, in February 2020, the United States reached a peace treaty with the Taliban. In the year since Taliban had turned away from well-planned attacks on cities and military outposts to targeted assassinations aimed at terrorizing Afghan civilians.


According to reports, new commanders in different regions have adopted varying degrees of strict restrictions. The organization is currently showing the world that the current Taliban government is not the same as the past. Some scholars have pointed out that the first problem facing the Theologian government is how to form a new government. In the past 20 years, with the assistance of countries around the world, Afghanistan has changed in terms of medical care, education, and other aspects. It is not yet known whether the new government can accept these new changes.


What is certain is that poverty and famine have always existed in Afghanistan for a long time. Whether the new government can lead the people in such a severe economic situation has become the biggest task. After the inauguration, the new government has repeatedly emphasized that it will abide by its Sharia law and has stricter regulations on women's right to work and education, which will also cause another wave of shocks to the local society.


Afghanistan has already suffered the worst drought in nearly a decade before the winter of 2021. The economic collapse caused by the transfer of government has made the problem worse. The World Food Programme (WFP) pointed out that more than half of Afghanistan's population will face a food crisis, and 8.7 million people will suffer from famine. Although the new government tried to alleviate unemployment and food shortages with a "labor-for-wheat" policy in October, it appears to have had limited success so far.


According to the New York Times, since the Taliban came back, many countries have sought to provide Afghanistan with as much assistance as possible without recognizing the legitimacy of the Taliban's regime. At the end of November 2021, the World Bank board, which includes the United States, agreed to “unfreeze” $280 million and provide the funds to the World Food Program and UNICEF. The United Nations Security Council also passed a resolution proposed by the United States at the end of 2021 to issue a one-year humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to reduce the risk of Afghan nationals fleeing poverty and flocking to neighboring countries. Regarding this aid, the United Nations has also put forward a proviso that the identity of the aid recipients will be verified, and an aid operation report must be submitted every six months to prevent the new government from benefiting from it.



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